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Dieter Blank can look back on more than 40 years of technical education and professional  practice. His apprenticeships in car technology and aircraft engines were followed by a full education as an Officer in the German Navy. In addition to numerous training courses, he  crossed the Atlantic twice with the German Training Ship “Deutschland”. During  these early years of his education he obtained his first licenses for sailing yachts and powerboats at the German Naval Officer School in Flensburg.


 As a Naval officer he was trained to become a jet pilot in the USA and flew the legendary Starfighter F 104 and Tornado PA200 in the German Navy  for  many years.  In 1994, after several years as an instructor pilot on supersonic jets at a multi­ national NATO school in Texas, USA, he finished his career as jet pilot.

Dieter  Blank retired from the German Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. He then studied Yacht Design together with Naval Architecture and after graduating, worked in a yacht  design office in the north of Germany. Numerous sailing yachts and powerboats have  been designed and built since Blank Yacht Design was founded more than 20 years ago. Among those are many custom  built projects, that are still in use worldwide.

Blank Yacht Design & Consulting GmbH offers more than 40 years of technical experience in  automotive manufacturing; aerodynamics; yacht  building and construction. We offer more than 20 years of experience in the construction of sailing yachts and powerboats. With our partners, Blank Yacht Design and  consulting, we not only have a broad experience but also a strong and well organized  network of specialists in the yachting business, that we can make available for our clients  tasks. The Blank Yacht Design & Consulting GmbH has been founded due to the demand for  consultants who have experience in all common tasks with additional experience in yacht design and  engineering.


Our tasks in the last decades not only included the construction of yachts, together with the drawings and calculations to build them, but to an increasing amount the  organization and leading of projects, modification of existing yachts up to arbitration of  conflicts between partners.



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Dieter Blank

Dieter Blank